The Failure of Previous Sanctions Against North Korea: Russia’s Foreign Minister Comments on the Current Geopolitical Environment

Russia’s Foreign Minister Discusses North Korea Sanctions


Russia’s Foreign Minister said in a television interview on Wednesday that previous international sanctions against North Korea were adopted in a geopolitical environment completely different from the current situation.

Sanction Situation

He added: “At that time, there were problems with starting dialogue and serious discussions in the UN Security Council. But after the adoption of the last resolution (this was in 2017), we firmly stated that there would be no more sanctions against the North Korea. Our Chinese partners took the same step.”

Broken Promises

Lavrov pointed out that Western countries promised that, in parallel with the sanctions track, a political track would be implemented and humanitarian issues in North Korea would be resolved, but these guarantees and promises turned out to be false, and this refusal of a promise would lead to the failure of their attempts to pass a resolution against North Korea through Security Council.

Russia’s Stand

Lavrov said that the United States wanted to adopt a periodic UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against North Korea in May 2022, but Russia did not allow this.

He said: “We, together with our Chinese friends, have prepared a draft resolution that is focused solely on addressing humanitarian issues (which are very serious problems in North Korea), as well as resuming the political process as part of the objectives of strengthening security in the Northeast Asia.”

Concerns About Strategic Forces

The Russian minister continued to say: “But instead, the United States, together with Japan, South Korea and other allies, are attempting to transfer elements of their strategic forces to the south of the Korean Peninsula, including talking about the possibility of American nuclear weapons appearing on the Korean Peninsula in this way.”


Source: Izvestia

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