The fact is that Manchester United threatened Cristiano Ronaldo to terminate the contract

Reliable journalist Fabrizio Romano on Sky Sports revealed the fact that Manchester United threatened Cristiano Ronaldo with termination of the contract with the English club.

And recently it was reported that Manchester United warned Ronaldo, asking him to change his behavior and actions, otherwise the club’s management would terminate his contract.

Fabrizio Romano denied the veracity of these reports, stressing that the Portuguese striker will remain part of the Manchester United project and are not going to abandon him.

A reliable journalist also confirmed that this opinion prevails at Manchester United, as well as the Dutchman Erik Ten Hague.

Manchester United have been suffering since the start of the season after two defeats in the first and second rounds of the Premier League, the latest of which was a 4-0 defeat to fellow Brentford.

It is worth noting that Ronaldo expressed a desire to leave the English club this summer, but he could not find another offer, after several clubs abandoned the idea of ​​concluding a contract with the Portuguese.

Source: twitter/Fabrizio Romano

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