The expert explained why politicians use pejorative expressions in their speech

Sergei Orgonikidze, a member of the Russian Public Council, said that in the modern world he often notices that politicians use offensive phrases and clichés in their public speech.

Orgonikidze, formerly Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, linked this phenomenon to the growing role of social media on the Internet and stressed that this does not mean that the art of diplomacy is lost and dead.

As an example, he cited the rude statements of the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk.

He noted that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in June last year that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have launched a special operation in Ukraine if he were a woman. In response, President Putin said that this was not an accurate expression of what is happening today, and Putin pointed out that Margaret Thatcher, when she was Prime Minister of Great Britain, launched military operations against Argentina over the Falklands.

A year ago, US President Joe Biden answered yes to a question about whether he considered Putin a “murderer.” Commenting on these words, the Russian president wished Biden good health and also pointed out that evaluating others is the same as looking in a mirror.

In the fall of 2020, during a debate on the eve of the US presidential election, Biden called his opponent Donald Trump a “liar”, a “clown” and “Putin’s puppy”. For his part, Trump described Biden as a “sleepy atmosphere.”

According to Orgonikidze, these insulting statements by some politicians are yet another confirmation that “the world is changing, and social networks today play an important role in diplomacy – a role that no one expected before.”

The expert pointed out that “the tone of speech and public discourse is always associated with the state of affairs in the international arena, and in our time there is a sharp deterioration in the international situation.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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