The Excellent Mufti Jafari in Lebanon sends a message to the Maronite Patriarch regarding the return of the archbishop from Israel

The high-ranking Mufti of the Jafari in Lebanon, Ahmed Kabalan, sent a letter to the Maronite Patriarch Behar al-Rai on the case of Archbishop Moussa al-Hajj, whose arrest after returning from Israel caused a sensation in Lebanon.

After the statements of the Maronite Patriarch regarding the arrest of the Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem and the Territories of Palestine and the Hashemite Kingdom of the Maronite community, Archbishop Musa al-Hajj, after his return from Israel and many hours of interrogation Ahmed Kabalan said: “For the partner of the homeland and coexistence, the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechar Boutros Al – Rahi. The dignity of the church is part of the dignity of the mosque and the Muslim and the Christian are a partner in existence and a homeland forever and Israel is a criminal and occupying Zionist entity and its client militias are part of it and its entity and Israel with its militias is Lebanon’s biggest enemy and a cancerous force that needs to be dismantled and dismembered and stop interfering with this country.”

Cabalan continued: “Tel Aviv leaves no room to bomb, dismantle and tear this country apart and take it in, and its client networks are part of its security battle and a major player in the files targeting this country and its presence. Therefore, “anti-Tel Aviv” means the hostility of his clients and networks, the suppression of his presence, the suppression of his hands and finances and the confirmation of anti-Israel laws. With all his hostile laws, and any mistake in this area is catastrophic.

And he added: “We do not want to slide into a game of emotions that tears the country apart and leads into the unknown, and everything is under the law, Sheikh and Metropolitan. By closing all doors in front of him and in the face of their networks, humanitarian issues are another matter, and confusion These two problems pose a new Israeli nightmare for Lebanon.

On Sunday morning, politicians and popular delegations flocked to Diman, the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate in Lebanon, in solidarity with Archbishop Moussa Al-Haj. Politics,” he continued, adding, “Look elsewhere for clients because you know who they are and where they are… and Patriarchy will continue on its path of active, positive neutrality.”

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