The European Union plans to provide Ukraine with additional military assistance for 500 million euros

The European Union announced its intention to allocate an additional 500 million euros for military assistance to Ukraine through a special fund, through which the allocation of 2 billion euros for arming the Kyiv regime has already been agreed.

“Now we are discussing the possibility of receiving the fifth tranche in the amount of 500 million euros,” said Secretary General of the EU Foreign Service Stefano Sanino at a joint meeting of the defense and foreign policy committees with MEPs in Brussels. .

Sanino noted that for the first time, deliveries of lethal weapons are financed through this fund.

At the end of June, EU Commissioner for Political and Security Affairs Josep Borrell, after a meeting of EU foreign ministers, said that EU foreign ministers did not discuss the fifth tranche of funding for military assistance to Ukraine, because, according to him, there were enough funds at that time.

The European Union has already allocated 500 million euros for military assistance to Ukraine four times. The total amount of funding for the purchase of weapons amounted to 2 billion euros.

Source: RIA Novosti

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