The European Parliament did not amend the resolution on Ukraine on the threat "nuclear war"

Members of the European Parliament at a plenary meeting held today, Thursday, in France, voted against an amendment to the draft resolution on Ukraine, related to concerns about the threat of the conflict escalating into a nuclear war.

This is stated in the live broadcast of the vote on the website of the European Parliament, which states that its decisions on foreign policy issues are not legally binding, but other European institutions should listen to the opinion of MEPs.

An amendment to the preamble of the draft resolution was proposed by representatives of the Left Group, stating that “there is deep concern throughout Europe in connection with a war that could lead to a possible war between nuclear powers.”

Today, Thursday, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution on Ukraine on the occasion of the anniversary of the start of the conflict by a majority vote of deputies, as the resolution called for speeding up and increasing the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including combat aircraft, helicopters and “necessary” missile systems. The resolution once again spoke about the need to create a so-called “special court” for Ukraine, further expansion of sanctions against Russia, “confiscation of Russian assets” in favor of Ukraine.

The deputies have already set before Ukraine the “main task” of “defeating” Russia at any cost, therefore they proposed the EU to support the “spirit of resilience and faith in a better future” in Ukrainians, emphasizing that such a Goal can only be achieved through “constant supplies.” And stable and steadily increasing deliveries to Ukraine of all types of weapons without exception.

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