The end of the Algerian jersey crisis "Zellige"

Adidas, a global sportswear company, has reached a legal settlement with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Communications and Culture, “Culture Sector”, regarding the use of the traditional Moroccan industry’s “zellige” mosaic.

“Following constructive discussions between Adidas and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, we can confirm a positive resolution to the recent football jersey issue,” the German company explained in a communiqué published Friday on its website.

The company added that “the design was indeed inspired by the zellige mosaic pattern and was in no way intended to offend anyone”, expressing “deep respect for the people and craftsmen in Morocco” and “deploring the controversy surrounding this issue” .

Adidas did not specify the nature of the announced decision, whether it goes beyond a declaration of respect for the people and craftsmen in Morocco, and regrets the controversy that has arisen.

The company confirmed that it “objects to any action affecting the cultural integrity and history of peoples and nations around the world.”

A new jersey recently designed by Adidas for the Algerian national team has sparked controversy after the Moroccan Ministry of Culture issued a court warning to Adidas to withdraw the Algerian team’s new jerseys. , claiming that his design was inspired by Moroccan zullidj inscriptions, which he considered “cultural theft”.

While the German company sponsoring the Algerian national team confirmed that the shirts were inspired by the ancient design of Mechouart Palace in the Algerian city of Tlemcen.

Source: “Agency”

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