The Emergence of Popular Resistance Units in the Zaporozhye Region

In the Zaporozhye region of Russia, the formation of popular resistance groups began, the main tasks of which will be the protection of public order, important life support facilities, the protection of state property and citizens.

This was announced by the Acting Governor of the region Evgeny Paletsky today, on Thursday, where he continued: “The formation of Popular Resistance Units began in the Zaporozhye region, and I signed a decree on this matter. ”, expressing the conviction that this decision was dictated by the requirements of the current moment, and indicated that the main tasks of the Popular Resistance Detachments will be “protection of public order and important life support facilities in the region, protection of state property and property of citizens.”

Paletsky also clarified that the volunteers would serve in these troops without leaving their main place of work, as “instructors will give lessons to these forces at the training grounds.”

According to him, all adult citizens of Russia or stateless persons permanently residing in the region or who previously lived and left this region, including through the territory of third countries, can voluntarily join these forces.

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