The Eleventh Season of Division 2 is Currently Accessible to Players

The Division 2 Season 11 is now accessible, according to a release date announcement from Ubisoft that was postponed due to development concerns.

Divisio n 2_

The third and final season of year four, dubbed Reign of Fire, offers players a new target, weapons, gear, and numerous other game enhancements.

The main event of Season 11 is a brand-new objective and combat that players must complete.

“The Black Tusk and the True Sons have forged a partnership! But new battle lines are created due to Captain Lewis’ troops now supporting The Division, “claims Ubisoft.

This makes Zachary “Stovepipe” Beattie a new target. The Division is tasked with gathering as much information as possible to locate the Stovepipe. Players will have to eliminate Mort “Cursed” Kellogg, Beatrice “Auntie” Kaplan, Lieutenant Bantam, and Charles “Chunks” Crawford to do this. The Division can find Stovepipe after taking out the four objectives.

Season 11 of Division 2 introduces new exotic and named weapons such as the Sacrum Imperium, Prophet Police 686 Magnum pistol, Relic G28 Marksmen Rifle, and Talent Determined. The new equipment also has a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

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Players can simultaneously unlock benefits from several sets with the NinjaBike Messenger Bag. The Hotshot gear set provides a 30% increase in headshot damage and 30% more Marksman Rifle damage. Players receive +15% headshot damage, +15% Marksman Rifle damage, and 10% status effect when wearing the Habsburg Guard brand set.

Last but not least, season pass holders for the game gain access to the following:

  • Twelve fresh weapon skins
  • 11 fresh gear colors
  • New face masks in two.

The whole patch notes and other information collection can be found on the game’s official website.

Will you give Division 2 Season 11 a try?

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