The Economist reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian economy

Russian economic expert Natalia Savina, in an interview with the Prime agency, said that the process of transformation of the Russian economy continues to progress and continue, thanks to the declining role of the commodity sector.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Moscow Financial Forum, Savina, Head of the Department for Macroeconomic and Financial Market Analysis at the Center for Strategic Research, added: “There are positive trends in this area in Russia. The production index rose year on year from -2.6% in April to -0.5% in July.

Savina noted that the role of high-tech industries, such as the production of electronics, the information technology sector and mechanical engineering, will increase in the Russian economy. The mining sector, the manufacturing sector, the construction sector and the transport infrastructure will also be strengthened and strengthened.

The expert stressed that there are still big problems in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and woodworking.

Source: RIA Novosti

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