"The doors of Zamalek are open for one of Egypt’s best strikers"Mortada Mansour flirting with one of the Al Ahli players

Egyptian club Zamalek President Mortada Mansour sent a message to striker Ahmed Yasser Ryan, striker of traditional rivals Al Ahly, stressing that the doors of the club are open to him because he is a talented player.

Ceramica Cleopatra Football Club has come close to finally including Ahmed Rayan as part of the transfer of the duo Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Saad “Messi” to Al Ahli.

Al-Ahli had previously reached an agreement with Shadi Hussain on his financial details and received his signature after the approval of Ceramica Cleopatra.

Mortada Mansour said during a phone interview with Zamalek: “I would like to send a message to Ahmed Yasser Ryan, Zamalek’s door is open for you because you are a talented player.”

He added: “I can see that Ryan is better than Shadi Hussein in stages. My message to his father (Yasir Ryan, former Al Ahly star): your son is one of the best strikers in Egypt.”

Mortada Mansour criticized player Shadi Hussain, noting that the latter: “He twirled the ball around him in the last match (against Al Ahli in the Egyptian League), if I were an official of the Football Association, I would decide to write him off immediately.”

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