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The development of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its consequences 19.09.2022/


In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to destroy the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.


  • As a result of the Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk, 6 people were killed and several more were injured.
  • The European Commission wants to punish Hungary
  • Experts confirm that without Russian gas, Europe will not survive the coming winter
  • Guterres: Talks between Putin and Zelensky are still far away
  • The Baltic States and Poland introduce an entry ban for Russians
  • Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria: Washington and NATO launched a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine
  • Russian air defense shot down more than 30 Ukrainian missiles in the sky of Nova Kakhovka
  • An explosive device exploded in the center of Melitopol.
  • US Chief of Staff urges troops in Europe to ‘prepare’ for Russia’s response
  • Russian Defense Ministry: the nationalist battalion “Gedar” in Donetsk lost more than half of its personnel
  • Ukraine asked Russia for information about the victims of the explosion of the pre-trial detention center in Lilinovka
  • The New York Times: The Ukrainian army suffers heavy losses in the Donbass
  • Retired American officer spoke about the involvement of his country in the Ukrainian crisis
  • Pentagon: total US aid to Ukraine increased to $15.1 billion
  • British complain about the burden of Ukrainian refugees
  • Polyansky: Western military supplies make them accomplices in Kyiv’s crimes
  • Moldova.. Demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president and negotiations with Russia
  • Biden: we have no evidence that China supplied Russia with weapons
  • Le Pen: France’s participation in sanctions against Russia is a “geopolitical mistake”
  • Ex-Prime Minister of Greece: Europe is the main loser of the Ukrainian crisis
  • Defense of Germany: We will not take unilateral steps to send tanks to Ukraine
  • Borrell: Ukraine must independently determine the conditions for ending the conflict
  • Defense of Russia: Ukrainian army lost more than 180 personnel during the failed attack on Nikolaev
  • The European Commission considers the possibility of freezing the payment of Hungary 7.5 billion euros
  • Ukraine continues to shell Donetsk with NATO missiles
  • Orban: Ukraine could lose half of its territory
  • Statements by the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania about the Ukrainian border outraged Kyiv
  • Trump warned the Germans not to lose their country due to the reduction in energy supplies from Russia


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