The development of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its consequences / 1.10.2022 /

The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues, where parts of the Russian army completely take control of the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Zakharova: The West showed Ukraine its readiness to “use and throw away”

  • American newspaper: NATO unity under threat because of Ukraine

  • Turkey refuses to recognize the annexation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson to Russia

  • The British go back to 1753 due to high electricity costs.

  • The dead and wounded as a result of the Ukrainian bombing of the Donetsk Republic

  • After the Nord Stream explosions, the German police patrolled with “all available forces”

  • Dahi Khalfan comments on the official accession of 4 regions to Russia

  • Expert: Europe without Russian gas will lose prosperity

  • The United States does not rule out the possibility of supplying tanks to Ukraine

  • Russian Embassy in Washington condemns Sullivan’s statements about the Nord Stream incident

  • Azov officially became an inland sea of ​​Russia

  • Newspaper: Ukraine’s NATO membership surprises Washington

  • American professor: Zelensky distorts history and memory

  • Washington threatened to punish countries that supported referendums on joining Russia

  • Russian MP: Ukraine’s membership in NATO would be a disaster for the alliance

  • The facade of the Russian Consulate in New York covered with red paint (photo + video)

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