The demonstration against Netanyahu in Jerusalem provoked the first confrontation between Ben Gvir and Shabtai.

Israeli police arrested two Israelis during a demonstration against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

During the demonstration, a public skirmish broke out, the first between National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Inspector General of Police Jacob Shabtai after Ben-Gvir called the chief of police in the Jerusalem area for a reprimand, saying that the latter’s negligent attitude towards the demonstrators.

Hundreds took part in a demonstration that was organized in the city of Jerusalem near Netanyahu’s house, where during the demonstration, demonstrators burned rubber tires, and blocked the tramway near Jaffa Street, and there were clashes between opponents of the government and its supporters, and No. 1 Street was closed.

During the demonstration, Ben-Gvir’s office issued a statement in which the latter said he had called the chief of police in the Jerusalem area after the agency had lost “control of the capital”, as he put it, to “a group of anarchists”.

He added: “The burning of rubber tires near the Prime Minister’s house, the closure of No. 1 Street and the blocking of the tram are all very serious incidents, as the security forces and the police were present.”

He claimed that the security forces “were given clear instructions at the scene not to apply the law and not to confront the rioters.”

The statement said that Ben Gvir called the chief of police in Jerusalem for “a clarification to understand the reason for issuing a no-law directive tonight in Jerusalem in light of expected violent demonstrations in front of the Knesset next Monday.” “

For his part, Shabtai issued a statement saying that he supports “the police in the Jerusalem area and their leadership, led by the commander of the district, Doron Turgeman, for taking a firm stand and showing sensible discretion regarding the protest, and then the riots. “

The statement added that the Inspector General of Police “regrets that this matter is being clarified publicly during police work on the ground, and not during the field investigation, which is carried out at the end of work, as usual.”

Source: Arab 48

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