The death toll from the monsoon rains in Pakistan has risen to 282.

The death toll from five weeks of monsoon rains and floods in Pakistan has risen to at least 282 as the country continues to experience the latest heavy rains.

The National Disaster Management Administration said in a report that since June 14, heavy rains have caused rivers to overflow their banks and damage highways, bridges and about 5,600 homes.

The rain also flooded many parts of Pakistan, disrupting normal traffic.

Most of the 282 victims who died in rain-related accidents were women and children.

Most of the victims were reported in the southwestern province of Balochistan. The rains also caused casualties and damage in northwestern Afghanistan, which borders Afghanistan, the eastern province of Punjab and the southern province of Sindh.

Every year, many cities in Pakistan struggle with annual monsoon rains and floods that draw criticism for poor government planning. The season runs from July to September.

Source: AP

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