The Dalai Lama urges his followers to empathize "Despite what China has done"

The Dalai Lama asked his followers to show sympathy “despite what China has done to the people of Tibet” while visiting the remote Indian region of Ladakh.

This visit by a Buddhist spiritual leader to the cold desert region on the border with China is his first visit outside the northern Indian city of Dharamshala since the start of the spread of the Corona virus.

Not far from the city, the Liya Dalai Lama, who has lived in exile in India since 1951 after the failed uprising of the Tibetans against Chinese rule, said: “Despite what China has done to the Tibetans, we must not lose sympathy.”

Tens of thousands of his Buddhist followers from all over the region gathered to hear him preach at the Schweitzl Education Center.

This is the 87-year-old religious leader’s first visit to Ladakh since 2019, when New Delhi carved up the disputed region of Kashmir and carved out Ladakh as a separate region that he directly rules.

Prior to this, the Dalai Lama often visited this majestic Buddhist-majority region, home to thousands of Tibetan exiles, to meditate and deliver religious sermons.

Officials said about 40,000 people, many of whom waved religious flags, attended the sermon despite the rain.

Source: AFP.

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