The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia sent a written message to the head of the Transitional Military Council in Chad

Saudi media reported that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, sent a written message to the head of the Transitional Military Council in the Republic of Chad, Mohammed Idris Deby.

And the Saudi Press Agency reported that Amer bin Ali al-Shehri, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Chad, delivered a message to Deby, receiving it on Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Idriss Debi came to power in his country after the assassination of his father Idriss Debi, while he led the forces trying to stop the rebel offensive against his regime in the north of the country on April 19, 2011. 2021.

Mohamed Idriss Deby, head of the Transitional Military Council in Chad, promised to hold a comprehensive national dialogue before organizing presidential and legislative elections, which he announced would be held over an 18-month period, renewable once.

On March 9, the Transitional Military Council in Chad announced the formation of a negotiating committee with representatives of the country’s political and military factions in preparation for the talks in Doha.

Deby Jr. emphasized that the current national dialogue would not be nationwide or inclusive without the participation of all components of the nation, adding in this context: “For this reason, our political and military brothers are invited to a frank, brotherly dialogue. and a direct negotiating table.

On the other hand, opposition political and military movements in Chad announced on June 18 that they were suspending their participation in the preliminary national dialogue in Qatar due to what a government delegation described as harassment and intimidation against them.

Source: Sputnik + Okaz

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