The Canadian Army is establishing a new dress code and bodysuit that allows skirts and nail art.

The Canadian Army has established new rules for the appearance and appearance of its soldiers and officers from the lowest ranks to the highest, allowing soldiers to wear clothes of the opposite sex and keep their hair long and protruding nails and tattoos even on the face.

These amendments were contained in an updated version of the uniform, which will come into force next September and will apply to all military personnel, including senior command personnel.

The new Canadian military dress code will allow men to wear skirts and other items of clothing, but with some temporary clothing restrictions, such as during marches and parades.

The new rules will allow all military personnel to dye their hair any color, as well as to apply tattoos to any face, provided that such tattoos do not offend anyone or include criminal symbols.

Among other freedoms offered by the new rules to the Canadian military is the freedom to decorate nails of any length and color, provided that they do not conflict with the requirements of the service.

As far as beards are concerned, the Canadian Army’s new military appearance regulations have allowed soldiers to have mustaches and beards of any length, but commanders have the right to require them to be shaved for safety.

Source: RIA Novosti

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