The British are outraged "They want to take us back to the stone age"

Readers of the Daily Mail newspaper have criticized plans by the British authorities to urge citizens to lower the temperature in their homes in winter and turn off the lights to avoid blackouts due to a power outage.

The Telegraph newspaper previously reported on a similar initiative and reported that the British authorities intend to launch a plan that includes calls to reduce energy consumption.

It is expected that messages on this occasion will be regularly broadcast on radio, television and social networks.

British citizens criticized the government’s plans in the comments under an article published by the Daily Mail.

One follower wrote: “No electricity, no food, no gas, no travel, maybe another quarantine. If you (the authorities) have not yet thought about it, you should prepare, God help us.”

Another reader said: “The UK has relied on cheap and plentiful sources of energy for centuries. Now look what’s happening… they want to take us back to the stone age.”

Citizen Price, a regular taxpayer, said: “The blame lies with our politicians and their misguided environmental agenda. We are an island built on coal and surrounded by oil and gas reserves. Because of our politicians, we face shortages (of energy). “

“When will the British government put us among their priorities?” – he asked.

Source: RIA Novosti

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