The Brazilian national team invades the virtual world

The Brazilian Football Confederation has announced that the national team will provide a space in the Metaverse where fans can interact with the Selesão, participate in matches in a virtual environment, and even visit the museum of the national team.

The federation announced the project “electoral arena” – a space through which the federation seeks to bring the youth of the masses closer to the national team and enter the world of metauniverses.

The initiative is the result of a partnership agreement signed between the Federation and Garina Glockman Go, a developer of virtual games.

Internet users will be able to visit the arena of the national team in the world of the metaverse and participate in various activities, such as the exchange of passes in the national team match or meeting with different friends in virtual reality.

In the world of the metaverse, the fan will also be able to play a match with other players and participate in virtual reality competitions.

He will also be able to visit the virtual museum of the Selesao team, which displays all the cups and important memories from its history.

Source: “Agency”

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