The Boogeyman Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

The Boogeyman is a Stephen King adaptation scheduled to be released in 2023 and will see one of the author’s first novels undergo significant revisions to be adapted for the big screen. Here are the most recent developments regarding The Boogeyman movie. The back catalog of iconic horror writer Stephen King is experiencing a spectacular rebirth. Nevertheless, even though so many directors are reworking previously adapted King works, some courageous individuals are still adapting older King tales for the first time. In June of 2023, a film that is an adaptation of the short story “The Boogeyman” written by Stephen King is scheduled to be released in theaters.

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This has caused some people to speculate about the movie’s original story adaptation and how the plot would be altered. Much like many of King’s other short stories (including the original “Children of the Corn” from Night Shift), the Boogeyman is an uncomplicated story with little in the way of a storyline. However, this has not dissuaded one of the rising horror genre stars, filmmaker Rob Savage, from signing on to expand the tale with some flavoring inspired by The Sixth Sense. According to the first synopsis for The Boogeyman, the movie will alter a significant portion of the original story. Still, it will continue to adhere to the central idea of the fable while also elaborating upon its most terrifying aspects. Here are the most recent updates regarding the movie, “The Boogeyman.”


  • Chris Messina as Will Harper
  • Sophie Thatcher as Sadie Harper
  • David Dastmalchian as Lester Billings
  • Marin Ireland
  • Vivien Lyra Blair as Sawyer Harper
  • LisaGay Hamilton as Dr. Weller
  • Maddie Nichols as Natalie
  • Lacey Dover as Student
  • Madison Hu
  • Daniel Hagen as The Creature(voice)
  • Victoria Harris as Nurse
  • Mabel Tyler as Abby
  • Han Soto as Joe (Mild-Mannered Man)
  • Beau Hart as Kid
  • Curtis Johnson as Nurse
  • Leeann Ross as Cassidy
  • Rose Bianca Grue as Doctor
  • Adams Bellouis

What is the Release Date of The Boogeyman?

Even though early updates regarding The Boogeyman movie said that the movie would be made available on Hulu, the picture will launch theatrically. It will be released in cinemas on June 2nd, 2023. As a result of the success of the film’s test screenings, there will not be a limited online streaming release of The Boogeyman. Instead, spectators can see King’s story’s terrifying events on the big screen. It has yet to be discovered when The Boogeyman will become available on streaming platforms for people who cannot go to the theater. Still, the movie will eventually be uploaded to Hulu, given that this platform was initially intended to be its permanent home.

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Who is the Director of The Boogeyman?

Rob Savage is a film director, screenwriter, film editor, and film producer from the United Kingdom. He is most known for his work on the films Host, Dashcam, and The Boogeyman. The three horror movies that Savage enjoys watching the most are “Evil Dead 2,” “The Innocents,” and “Lake Mungo.” In the year 2020, Savage established Host. Following his accomplishments on Shudder, he secured a contract with Blumhouse to direct Dashcam, a movie that did not do well at the box office due to the contentious nature of its main character. It was revealed that Savage would helm the Stephen King adaptation of The Boogeyman in 2021. The film is based on a short story written by King. Savage was attached as the director of an upcoming adaptation of The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp in the year 2023.

What is the Plot of The Boogeyman?

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According to the summary provided by 20th Century Studios, The Boogeyman is about:

“Sadie Harper, a senior in high school, and her younger sister Sawyer are still hurting from the loss of their mother, who passed away not long ago. Will, their father, is a therapist by trade, but he is devasted by the anguish he is experiencing. As a result, he cannot provide his children with the support or affection they demand from him. When a patient in need of assistance unexpectedly shows up at their home and asks for assistance, they let a dreadful creature into the home with them. This thing preys on the family and feeds off the family’s worst sorrow.

The short story’s protagonist is a guy named Lester Billings who goes to visit a psychiatrist because he is terrified of “The Boogeyman” and believes that he is responsible for the deaths of all three of his children. A similar number of unexplained circumstances attended each of their passings. The dad reveals to his psychiatrist, Dr. Harper, that on the evenings his children passed away, they screamed “Boogeyman” as they were being put to bed before they died. However, when he found them dead, the closet doors in their rooms were always open, even though he swore that the closet doors in their rooms were locked. He believes that The Boogeyman was the true cause of their deaths, even though their official causes were listed as “crib death” and “convulsion.”

Lester and his wife uproot their family and move to a new location quite far away after losing their first two children. His wife becomes pregnant quite soon, and the couple takes further safety measures in order to protect their new child, Andy. However, she is required to go to a sick family member, so the guy is left to care for his little child by himself. Because she isn’t there, he senses that the Boogeyman’s presence is becoming more brazen and hostile, and he fears for his life. Andy is placed in a separate bedroom for the first time since birth due to his father’s realization that the monster will pursue him. After hearing a noise, he investigates and discovers the Boogeyman attacking his son. Terrified, he runs away from the scene. The authorities conclude that Andy fractured his neck while attempting to crawl out of his crib, but Lester knows this is false. As the patient is getting ready to leave, Dr. Harper recommends that he make a future visit. Shortly after that, Lester goes back to the doctor’s office, where he discovers The Boogeyman already there, having taken off his “Dr. Harper” mask.

That sums up the original Stephen King short tale. However, the plot of the movie adaptation deviates significantly from that description in significant ways. The children’s point of view is used throughout the adaption, which takes place in their world. After their mother was taken from them in an unexpected and sad accident, a teenage girl and her younger sister have difficulty persuading their grieving father to take action because they are convinced that an evil spirit has taken up residence in their home. This struggling family is being tormented by the Boogeyman, who feeds off of their misery and terror. It is also possible that the Boogeyman is responsible for the mother’s death.

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