The battalion commander of the Luhansk security forces told RT: Lischansk is surrounded and the Ukrainian security forces will try to leave through the forests

The battalion commander in the Luhansk Republic troops confirmed that the strategic city of Lisechansk was in a tactical encirclement, noting that Ukrainian forces would try to get out of there in small groups through the forest.

The commander of the battalion that took part in the attack on the city of Borovskoe said in a statement to RT that the Ukrainian groups would not be able to use their equipment during the withdrawal, as they were being fired upon by artillery.

He testified that Ukrainian forces had fled from Borovskoe towards Lysychansk, abandoning many weapons after attacking them from three directions.

It is noteworthy that Borovskoye contained huge Ukrainian fortifications and trenches, stretching over large areas, about 15 km long.

Source: RT

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