The automotive division in Egypt told RT about the surprises involved in fulfilling the dream of producing the first local car.

Omar Balbaa, head of the general automotive department of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, revealed the details of Egypt’s success in producing the first domestic electric vehicle.

He said that the success of Egypt’s experience in the field of electric vehicles requires, first of all, the creation of some trust between the consumer and the new product, which is an electric vehicle.

In an exclusive statement to RT, he pointed out that the process of building confidence in electric vehicles in Egypt requires a strong infrastructure in this area. So that the driver of the vehicle, traveling long distances, knows about the places for charging these vehicles, as well as the technical service centers available in many places, which will help him in case of any malfunction.

The head of the General Automobile Department of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce explained that this issue requires the state to have a balanced plan to facilitate the purchase and use, as well as to provide charging and maintenance stations in all governorates of the republic.

He noted that strengthening the services provided in the electric vehicle sector will increase consumer confidence in their purchase.

As for the price, Balbaa ruled out that it will be offered at very low prices, as some believe, referring to, for example, the prices of motorcycles and tuk-tuks, which are rising.

He pointed out that the electric golf cart, which is used in complexes and clubs, has risen in price to more than £150,000, expressing the hope that the price of the new electric car will be higher than the announced figures.

Regarding the future of the automotive market in Egypt, confirmed Omar Balbaa, head of the General Department of Automobiles of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce; That a consumer who finds a car at a price that suits his capabilities and, without exaggeration, “overpriced” should buy it; And who wants to upgrade or change his car, he buys and sells at the same time and does not postpone, so as not to feel the gap between used and new cars.

He explained that the Egyptian car market needs more time to stabilize.

Notably, Egypt is aiming to start the production of electric vehicles designed for use in the city with a local content of 60%, while working to increase the local content to 90% within 24 months of the start of production, as part of a research project funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology with the aim of developing all electronic and electrical components locally; Where a 50,000 square meter electric vehicle production complex will be set up, and measures will be taken to deepen the local content in mechanical design, motors and electronic circuits up to 100%.

Source: RT

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