Textsheet Alternative, My Top 10 Picks

What is Textsheet?

If you are reading this post. Then you probably already know and are looking for the best Textsheet alternative. If so go ahead and scroll down to the start of the list. If you don’t know or would like to learn what textsheet.com is and where it went, then keep on scrolling.

Textsheet.com used to be a very popular online website. It was an easy way for students to find answers to the questions they came across.

‘Textsheet’ became popular very quickly. Both teachers and students found this resource to be useful. The best part was that this website used to be free.

This website was also very easy to use. The person would simply enter their question into the search bar. Textsheet.com would send these questions to Chegg answers. Then they would provide answers through the Textsheet website.

What Happened to Textsheet

Unfortunately, text sheet no longer works. This was due to copyright infringement. As we stated, Textsheet used to gain information from ‘Chegg.’ They would then share it illegally.

Text sheet would copy answers that other students posted to ‘Chegg.’ They would then provide these answers to users of their website.

Users of Textsheet were unaware of what the company was doing. Therefore, it was a complete shock when they went out of service.

Fortunately, there are many sites like Textsheet. Keep reading this article to look at the best alternatives to Textsheet.

Best Textsheet Alternative

It’s hard enough to be a teenager. On top of it all, many students are overloaded with intense coursework. This can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, there are still some great alternatives that students can use.

However, these websites come at a cost. This way they are not concerned about copyright infringement.


  1. Chegg
  2. Slader
  3. School Solver
  4. Crazy For Study
  5. Course Hero
  6. Paperhelp
  7. Coursera
  8. SparkNotes
  9. StudyLib
  10. Collegeboard

Best Textsheet Alternatives (Paid)

1. Chegg

Chegg is the most popular alternative. Many people know that Textsheet was using the information that they gathered from Chegg. Therefore, it makes the most sense to use this website.

Furthermore, Chegg offers the highest number of users. They have a massive database with answers on almost every topic.

Students have access to Q&A’s, textbook answers, practice problems, and video explanations. Many parents choose this option because students get scholarship opportunities. Users also get access to online book rentals.

This website is most common among university students. This is because there are still options beyond searching for answers. For instance, if you can’t find your answer you can still consult a hired professor.

Chegg is what made Textsheet great in the first place. It is the best Textsheet alternative you can find and obviously the most similar. However, unlike textsheet it is not free.

2. Slader

Slader is another alternative to using Textsheet. They currently have millions of users. This is another way for students to solve schoolwork problems that they come across.

Slader provides users with step-by-step solutions to their problems. They also provide professional expertise on various subjects.

Slader is unique in many ways. Slader has a large network of students and contributors. It is a completely independent platform. They have a personal desire to see students succeed.

80% of Slader’s teachers have teaching experience. Furthermore, they have core values that they strive to embody. For instance, they believe in inclusivity, creativity, enthusiasm, and humanity.

All in all, Slader is a an excellent Textsheet alternative.

3. School Solver

School Solver is one of most-trusted online learning platforms that exists. They have high quality tutors. They are on hand to answer questions related to their course material.

Students are able to receive refunds from their experience. This is if they are unsatisfied with their experience. This allows students to feel confident that they will receive the best possible service.

School Solver has a very convenient and easy-to-use interface. This allows students to save a lot of time. They get answers specific to their questions. Therefore, they don’t have to spend extra time reading or researching.

4. Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study is a great and reliable alternative to Textsheet. This website has an aesthetically appealing interface. It is interactive and easy to use.

This website offers help in any subject you can imagine. Users can choose between business, engineering, math, science, social science, and law.There are many subcategories that delve deeper than this.

This website requires you to purchase a subscription. However, this exemplifies how many resources they have available to users. Unlimited access to help with assignments and homework at just $7 per month is well worth it, in my opinion.

Crazy For Study also provides help with writing papers. This allows users to have access to teachers 24/7. This is helpful for students who feel stuck at the most inconvenient times.

Best Textsheet Alternatives with Free Options or Pay Per Use

5. Course Hero

Many people have raved about their experience with Course Hero. This company has undoubtedly made a positive impact on many student’s lives.

This platform connects you to resources. These are derived from over 30 million students. Students use Course Hero because they have guaranteed 24/7 support available. This means that students are able to access help from a professional at any time of day.

Another great feature of Course Hero is their App that is available for Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can access the same 24/7 homework help the site offers at your fingertips. It also features an excellent easy to use interface.

There is an option to use Course Hero for free. Students can upload their personal work and study materials. They then receive “unlocks” for every 5 “unlocks” their material gets.

They even reward quality content by giving out “unlocks for thumbs-ups or upvotes. Course Here has made their content accessible to everyone. This is a pretty amazing feature for those starving college students out there.

6. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is another amazing resource that students have turned to. However, it is completely different from Textsheet. The students who use this platform are looking for research papers.

Many students struggle to write quality papers. This can be attributed to a number of different factors. Many people need a lot of help. Evidently, there is a huge market for this service.

PaperHelp helps students write their paper for them. It is fairly easy to use. People simply place an order. They are then able to track the process. Students receive a sample of their paper.

7. Coursera

Coursera acts as another alternative to Textsheet. This company was founded in 2012. They have definitely made a name for themselves in regards to online resources.

This website also differs from Textsheet in many ways. At the core, it is a way for students to get help with their school subjects. However, the way to do this is different.

Coursera provides accreditation for completing online courses. You can receive a formal certificate if you pay. However, people are able to get all of the resources from the classes for absolutely free.

Coursera isn’t just used by students. This website is a great option for anyone who wants to develop their skills or knowledge in a certain area.

People are able to access video lectures, homework assignments, and community discussion forums. You are truly attending an online course.

Coursera believes that every single person should have an equally opportunity when it comes to education. Therefore, they provide all of these resources for free. Many people value the learning experiences that Coursera provides.

Best Free Textsheet Alternatives

8. SparkNotes

SparkNotes was one of the original platforms to provide resources to students. This company was founded in 1999. They have grown exponentially since their inception.

Sparknotes was so popular that it was bought out by Barnes and Nobel, only 2 years after they launched. They have managed to stay a free service by charging for advertising rather than subscriptions.

SparkNotes is a go-to for many students. This is because it has been trusted for so long. SparkNotes has become world-renowned for helping students understand Shakespeare.

Accordingly, this website has over 500 guides related to literature. However, they also provide guides on many other subjects.

This website also provides great guides. Many students have relied on these guides when they are completely confused by a concept.

SparkNotes values evolution and growth. Therefore, they are always striving to do better than the past. Students can rest easy knowing that this company truly values their success.

9. StudyLib

StudyLib is another helpful resource that many students rely on. They have a large inventory of resources and study materials. This company maintains a great relationship with their customers.

StudyLib has a share function that is available to its customers. This enables people to share their notes with others. It is evident that this company values community. They want to empower all people to have access to their materials.

This website also has a function called ‘flashcard explorer.’ This function allows users share notes and study materials in greater depth.

Users are able to access these resources for free. However, it is required that you have a login. This allows them to know how many people use their service.

10. Collegeboard

Just as the name suggests, Collegeboard offers resources to high school students in their final year. It is designed for students who are in the midst of preparing for their SAT’s.

Textsheet used to be a huge help for college students. However, this platform was not specifically designed for this purpose. Collegeboard developed all of their programming for this purpose.

This website also provides college notes and other resources. Many students have benefits from the tools that they provide.

Interestingly, Collegeboard is non-profit. They genuinely believe in connecting students to resources. They believe that every student should have a fair chance at education. Therefore, it is easy to locate specific information.

Preparing for your SAT’s proves to be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Consequently, Collegeboard has made it their mission to help students succeed.


Textsheet seemed like a revolutionary service for many students and teachers alike. However, it was ultimately shut down due to some pretty shady business practices. Although this was unfortunate, it provided a space for other companies with some original ideas to spring up.

There is a multitude of options available when it comes to online learning platforms. All of the companies we listed have proven to be extremely useful to students. Students can find a Textsheet alternative best suited to their needs, price point, and the time they have available.

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