"telegraph"UK may seek help from the International Monetary Fund in light of the energy crisis

The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that the UK is facing a difficult economic situation that could force it to seek help from the International Monetary Fund in light of its energy crisis.

The newspaper added that: “As a result of short-sighted policies in the country’s energy sector, the level of poverty among the population could rise sharply, leading to mass protests and the victory of the opposition Labor Party in parliamentary elections. planned for the end of next year.

She noted that “the difficult economic situation threatens to provoke a wave of separatist sentiments in different parts of the country.”

The newspaper pointed to another danger, which it called “tax increases and subsequent complete financial collapse.”

“The consequences in the European Union could be even worse,” she said.

She stressed that “the standard of living in the Kingdom will continue to decline rapidly until the situation in the European energy market stabilizes.”

He urged the authorities “to refrain from socialist slogans and prepare measures aimed at reducing the tax burden and providing assistance to the most needy sections of the population.”

Source: “TASS”

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