"telegraph": London and Kyiv discuss plans for the production of British weapons in Ukraine

The British newspaper Daily Telegraph reported that London and Kyiv are exploring the possibility of creating joint projects for the production of British weapons in Ukraine.

And according to NewspaperHowever, high-ranking officials of the British military-industrial complex are discussing such plans with their Ukrainian counterparts.

The source, who works for a contracting company affiliated with the UK Ministry of Defense, said the goal of the current dialogue is to ensure that the UK is the first among Ukraine’s European partners to sign relevant contracts. According to him, many European companies in the military-industrial complex are now negotiating with Kyiv.

The UK Ministry of Defense and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office declined to comment.

Experts interviewed by British journalists noted that potential agreements in London can indeed be presented as commercial rather than political, but they require state approval and will lead to strengthening political relations between Ukraine and the UK.

Interlocutors of the Daily Telegraph also indicated that the conclusion of contracts could lead to a further escalation of the conflict in the country.

The publication notes that earlier in Ukraine, American and Israeli small arms were produced under license.

Authorities in Kyiv are now seeking to create Western-style artillery platforms and armored vehicles in the country, which will accelerate the transition to NATO standards.

Source: TASS

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