Tel Aviv Protests Against Netanyahu Continue for the 18th Consecutive Week.

More than 140,000 Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest the approach of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and the reform of the judiciary.

And the RT correspondent reported that the protests were concentrated on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv, in addition to thousands of demonstrators in other areas.

Protests continue in Israel for the 18th week in a row, protesting against judicial amendments proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Knesset for a vote, and to undermine the authority of the Israeli Supreme Court in favor of the Israeli government, considering it contrary to the principles of democracy.

With these amendments to the laws, Netanyahu is seeking in the coalition government, which consists of a coalition of far-right parties, which has assumed duties since December 2022, to reduce the powers of the Israeli Supreme Court and give politicians greater powers in the appointment of judges, which caused anger and outrage on the Israeli street.

The Israeli opposition expressed opposition to Netanyahu’s project, stressing that it aims to undermine the authority of the judiciary in favor of the ruling political elite, warning of the dangers and threats that it will inflict on the democratic system in Israel.

On the other hand, both Netanyahu and Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin have made it clear that Supreme Court justices are politicized and have higher authority than elected representatives, and that changing the judiciary is an important step. restore balance in government.

Source: RT

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