Tehran responded to Washington about the supply of marches to Russia: Our cooperation with him in the field of technology dates back to the pre-crisis in Ukraine

Regarding the US national security adviser’s statements about Tehran’s sale of modern technologies to Russia to be sent to Ukraine, the Iranian Foreign Ministry clarified that cooperation with Russia dates back to the period before the Ukrainian crisis.

Statement by Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani regarding the US National Security Adviser’s statements regarding Tehran’s sale of modern technologies to Russia: “The history of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation in the field of some new technologies dates back to the pre-crisis in Ukraine, and recent developments in this regard .

“The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the war in Ukraine is absolutely clear and has been officially announced more than once,” the representative of the Foreign Ministry added.

Kanaani continued: “The US official’s statement comes at a time when the United States and European countries have been turning the occupied and aggressor countries of the world, especially the West Asian region, into a warehouse of their various deadly weapons for many years. The continuation of the aggression, crimes and occupation by the Zionists of the occupied territories for more than seven decades would certainly not have been possible without these weapons.”

Source: RT

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