Tehran: Greek Supreme Court upholds appeal decision in favor of Iran over Iranian oil seizure

The Iranian Embassy in Athens indicated that “the Supreme Court of Greece upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal in favor of Tehran in the case of the seizure of Iranian oil.”

“The stolen Iranian oil will soon be transferred to the Lana ship,” the embassy added.

On June 9, the Greek Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the court of first instance to confiscate Iranian oil.

The Iranian Embassy in Greece confirmed the news of the cancellation of the Iranian oil confiscation and tweeted that “after intense follow-up, the Greek Court of Appeal will annul the original court decision regarding the confiscation of Iranian oil.” “

She indicated that “all shipments of oil will be returned”, adding that “this issue is still on the agenda of intensive consultations between the two countries to ensure the full implementation of the decision.”

Source: “Mir”

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