Tehran: Conditions for the sale of Iranian oil have changed, and we signed contracts for $80 billion

Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji said that “the conditions for the sale of crude oil and gas condensate have changed since the current government came to power in August 2021.”

In a press statement, Javad Oji noted that “since he took over the ministerial portfolio in the current government, the ministry has begun to look for new markets and sell oil in various areas, from Africa to Asia, Latin America and even Europe, where contracts are . have been diversified and new models have been invented.” He explained that in relation to the contracts, “a barter mechanism was included that included basic goods, medicines and taking advantage of processing facilities abroad, as strong energy diplomacy was recorded due to good initiatives.”

Minister Oji explained: “Since the current government has assumed its responsibilities, the price of oil has been between $60 and $65 until it reaches $100 to $105 per barrel at certain stages, and in addition, innovations in methods, marketing and Contract diversification has helped the country a lot in selling up prices.”

He stressed, “Contracting upstream and downstream contracts and memorandums of understanding worth more than $80 billion last year,” noting that “some of these contracts were awarded to foreign companies, in addition to those $25 billion. these contracts cover two oil refineries, an oil refinery and the Azadekan field (South-West).”

He continued: “The $80 billion contracts include the development of joint and separate oil and gas fields, the development of processing facilities, pipelines for transporting gas and derivatives, and gas storage.”

Source: “Mir”

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