Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Shatters Records with a Record-Breaking Opening Weekend

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie: A Record-Breaking Opening Weekend

Fear not, fans who couldn’t get tickets to Taylor Swift’s stadium tour, the Eras Tour movie is right around the corner.

The pop princess surprised her fans (and the world) when she announced she would release the concert film from her 2023 tour in theaters. I’m excited and have an outfit ready to go, but I’m not an outlier. Fans are already buying tickets for opening weekend in droves. The movie has already broken records, with presale gross outperforming Spider-Man: No Way Home. But how much could Swift’s concert film make in total opening weekend?

Historic Projections

According to Box Office Pro, the Eras Tour movie is projected to gross between $96 million and $145 million on opening weekend, which is historic numbers. Some sites even have seen this as a low projection, with outlets like Deadline having the old $100 million. Eve at the low end, if the movie fails to reach the low end of the projected totals, Eve will still be the highest-grossing concert movie ever. The opening weekend is tracking more similar to that of a blockbuster superhero movie than a documentary concert film, and competing weekend films like Exorcist: Believer shifted their release date so as not to compete with Swift for box office dominance.

Swift’s Independent Distribution

Her distribution plan is revolutionary, as she decided to forgo a deal with a major movie studio. Swift and her team decided to independently make a deal with AMC Theaters about releasing the film. She was able to do so because the Grammy winner does not need the marketing power that a big movie studio provides, and the immense as Tour’s immense success is enough to make the movie a hit before its release. Being an independent production, the film complied with the provisions of the SAG-AFTRA strike, and obtained an interim agreement with the union to avoid crossings picket lines with the movie.

Unprecedented Success with Minimal Marketing

For context, box office projections for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are only slightly lower than that of Barbie and are higher than projected for The Little Mermaid this summer. Female-targeted films had massive studio-backed marketing campaigns behind them and consisted of months and months of promotion leading up to their releases. Swift announced her concert film only a month before the movie’s release and has done little marketing for the movie aside from a few social media posts. The strength of the built-in audience, aka Swifties, is so muscular that the concert film will likely be one of the year’s highest-grossing movies with minimal promotion and a lack of a traditional release schedule.

A Shift in Moviegoing Trends

This high box office projection for Swift’s film also could indicate something even bigger happening at the box office. With Barbie’s immense box office success this year and the Eras Tour tracking so high, it may suggest that audiences are gravitating to something new at the movies. Both movies are marketed toward women, specifically young women, who are traditionally underrepresented at the box office. Concert and moviegoing trends we saw during Barbie, like dressing in pink and trading friendship bracelets, are also likely to extend to the Eras Tour movie, with theaters preparing for the unique theater experience. Whether it’s an outlier or not, these opening weekend predictions are unheard of for a film of its kind, showing Swift’s current cultural dominance.

The Countdown Begins

We must wait until the October 13th opening weekend before officially seeing the financial draw of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie. In the meantime, Swifties can check out her previous concert film, Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour, which is currently streaming with a Netflix subscription. Don’t miss the chance to be part of history as Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie takes the box office by storm. Get ready for a cinematic experience like no other!

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