Talk is rising and spreading in the United States about "recession" inevitable

Politico reports that talk of a possible recession is increasingly spreading across the United States from Wall Street to Washington.

The newspaper wrote that the sharp rise in prices, the increase in the base interest rate and the attempts of the US authorities to fight inflation turned whispers into frank conversations with audible voices.

It was also reported that economic talk across the country is increasingly pointing towards a coming recession, business leaders moving from muted fears to open talk of an economic downturn as Wall Street analysts increasingly include the possibility of a recession in their forecasts. .

The economist told the newspaper that there is a possibility that a US recession will begin in the last three months of this year. However, it can be short-lived if some factors do not exacerbate the situation.

And the head of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, pointed out last week that the US economy could face risks due to the policy of the regulator, and the markets concluded that tightening monetary policy in light of the recognition of recession risks may not be very cruel, but US inflation is so high that such a scenario is unlikely.

Source: RIA Novosti

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