Talk about military action China could take if Pelosi visits Taiwan

The Financial Times reported that China had warned the United States that it would not rule out military action in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming visit to Taiwan.

The newspaper cites 6 informed sources that Beijing has publicly threatened the administration of US President Joe Biden to “take strong action” if Pelosi makes a planned visit to Taiwan in August.

China assured the US that it “will oppose the move and its response will be stronger than before,” one of the sources said.

She said that many people familiar with the situation believe that China has gone further in its statements than before, indicating the possibility of a “potential military response.”

The newspaper said multiple sources said the White House is trying to determine if China poses a serious threat or is “teetering on the brink” in Beijing’s attempt to pressure Pelosi to cancel the trip.

Citing two sources, the newspaper said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior National Security Council officials opposed Pelosi’s visit because of the risk of escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Source: RIA Novosti

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