Taliban Closes Female-Run Radio Station in Afghanistan Over Allegations of Music Broadcasts

A Taliban official announced Saturday the closure of a women-run radio station in northeastern Afghanistan, allegedly for playing music and songs during Ramadan, which the Taliban consider a violation of their laws.

Radio Sadai Banwan, which means “voice of a woman” in Dari, is the only female-run radio station in Afghanistan that started ten years ago and employs 8 people, including 6 women.

For his part, Muzuddin Ahmadi, director of media and culture for the province of Badakhshan, explained that the radio station violated “the laws and regulations of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban)” on several occasions by broadcasting songs and music during Ramadan and was shut down. because of this violation.

He continued: “If this radio station accepts the policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and provides guarantees that it will not repeat such an act again, we will allow it to operate again.”

On the other hand, Najia Sorush, the director of the radio station, denied any wrongdoing, pointing out that there was no need for the closure and called it a conspiracy.

She added, “The Taliban told us we were broadcasting music…we weren’t broadcasting any music,” noting that at 11:45 a.m. Thursday, representatives from the Ministry of Information and Culture and the Virtue and Prevention of Vice Promotion Commission arrived at the station. and closed it.

She stated that the station staff contacted the administration, but the officials did not have any additional information about the closure.

Source: “AB”

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