Taiwan Detects 103 Chinese Military Aircraft in 24 Hours: Increased Tensions in the Taiwan Strait

Taiwan Detects 103 Chinese Military Aircraft Flying Around the Island

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry announced on Monday that it had detected 103 Chinese military aircraft flying around the island within 24 hours.

Chinese Military Aircraft and Navy Ships Sighted near Taiwan

The ministry said in a statement: “103 People’s Liberation Army aircraft and nine People’s Liberation Army Navy ships were sighted around Taiwan between Sunday and Monday morning.”

China Puts Forces on “High Alert”

Earlier, Chinese military spokesman Colonel Shi Yi confirmed his country had put its forces on “high alert” to coincide with two US and Canadian warships crossing the Taiwan Strait.

China’s Increasing Maneuvers and Air Sorties

Notably, China has increased the pace of maneuvers and air sorties in recent months, emphasizing that Taiwan is an integral part of its territory, and vowing to regain control over it, by force if necessary.

US Support for Taiwan’s Self-Defense

For its part, Washington officially recognizes only Beijing, but Congress requires, under the Taipei Relations Act, that the island be provided with weapons for self-defense.

Strong US-Taiwan Relationship

The United States and Taiwan have enjoyed a strong and established informal relationship for more than 40 years, based on three laws and agreements enacted by the United States.

Taiwan Relations Act

The Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), passed by Congress in 1979, represents the cornerstone of this relationship as it legitimizes Taiwan’s arming for self-defense.

US Military Assistance to Taiwan

Earlier, Taiwanese media reported that the US would provide Taiwan with 11 HIMARS missile launchers in addition to 64 ATACMS missiles in 2024.

China’s Sanctions and Condemnation

China has imposed sanctions on US companies Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman over their roles in arms sales to Taiwan. It is noteworthy that Beijing condemned American plans to provide military assistance to Taiwan and warned Washington against this step.


Source: AFP

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