Taiwan accuses China of simulating an attack on the island

Taiwan has accused the Chinese military of faking an attack on the island as Beijing retaliates against US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

And Taiwanese authorities announced today, Saturday, that they have spotted “several” Chinese aircraft and ships in the Taiwan Strait between the island and the Chinese mainland.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that “some of them (Chinese ships and aircraft) have crossed the middle line” that divides the strait into two, adding that Beijing is “feigning an attack on the main island of Taiwan.”

China considered Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a “provocation” after Washington pledged not to establish official relations with the island, which China considers part of its territory.

In response, China’s foreign ministry announced on Friday it was “ending” cooperation with Washington on a number of key issues, including drug control and climate change talks.

The world’s two biggest polluters (America and China) pledged last year to work together to step up climate change action in the current decade and confirmed they would meet regularly to “deal with the climate crisis.”

Militarily, China will continue today, Saturday, with crucial maneuvers around Taiwan that will last until Sunday, and the Taiwanese authorities see these maneuvers as preparations for a “siege” of the island.

On the eve of the Chinese army announced that it had deployed fighters, bombers, a number of destroyers and escort boats to participate in the maneuvers, which are carried out “day and night.”

He issued a warning to Taiwan and the United States, which Beijing accuses of violating its obligations, by strengthening relations with the Taiwanese authorities in recent years.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, the Chinese military released a video showing a Chinese Air Force pilot filming Taiwan’s coast and mountains from his cockpit.

These images are meant to show Beijing’s ability to get closer to the shores of the island.

Source: AFP.

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