Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade Raises Prices for Oil Products and Fuel, But Bread Remains Unchanged

Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade Raises Prices


The Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade raised prices for oil products, diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel and liquefied gas. She confirmed that the price of a pack of bread had not changed.

Price Increase Details

The increase was as follows:

List of Price Increases:

  • The price of diesel fuel for private bakeries has become 700 Syrian pounds per liter
  • The price of subsidized diesel fuel for the consumer became 2,000 Syrian pounds per litre.
  • The selling price of industrial diesel fuel provided to each of the “non-subsidized agriculture, agricultural enterprises, private hospitals and pharmaceutical factories” was 8,000 SYP per litre.
  • The sale price of subsidized 90 octane petrol was 8,000 SYP per litre, while the price of premium 95 octane petrol was set at 13,500 SYP per litre.
  • The Ministry has raised the selling price of the above-mentioned materials distributed to the industrial sector and other sectors, namely: free diesel fuel at SYP 11,550 per liter, fuel at SYP 7,887,500 per ton and Dokma liquefied gas at a price of SYP 9,372,500 per ton. ton.

The ministry confirmed that the prices for a pack of bread have not changed.


Source: Sana

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