Syrian-Iraqi agreement on the export of surplus agricultural products to the two countries.

The head of the Union of Syrian Farmers, Ahmed Ibrahim, announced an agreement with the Union of Farmers’ Associations of Iraq to export the surplus agricultural products of the two countries to each of them as needed.

Ibrahim referred to the agricultural calendar agreed by the agriculture ministers of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, saying that it would “benefit these countries”, emphasizing that “relationships with agricultural associations in neighboring countries are different.”

Regarding his visit to Iraq, he clarified that “Syria can export its surplus agricultural products to Iraq and import Iraqi products according to the needs of the two countries, especially citrus fruits, from Syria to Iraq.”

Ibrahim also spoke about the impact of climate change on crops this year, in particular on wheat, and the results of his visit to Iraq, explaining that “the share of rainfed crops in Syria has reached 60%, compared to 40% in irrigated crops, and that most agricultural land is now unusable” due to lack of rain.

He stated that “the lack of rain in April 2022 has completely affected most crops, especially wheat, which depends on rain,” noting that “the area cultivated with wheat is about one million 800 thousand hectares in all of Syria.” hope for a return to pre-war levels and self-sufficiency.

Regarding the impact of economic sanctions on his country, he said that “the unfair economic sanctions against Syria have greatly affected the Syrian people,” noting that Syria produces 5 million tons of wheat annually, twice as much as it needs.

Source: “Rudaw”

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