Syrian government publishes clarifications on gasoline and diesel prices

The Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade issued a clarification regarding diesel and gasoline an hour after it made a decision allowing a private company to sell imported fuel for economic activity.

The ministry’s clarification confirmed that “there was no increase in diesel or petrol prices at all.” current shortage of petroleum products”.

The clarification came after the spread of information that the government has raised prices for diesel and gasoline, especially since the market is experiencing an acute shortage of their availability.

This information comes after the Ministry published a decision allowing a private company to sell imported fuel and set a selling price for a liter of industrial and commercial diesel fuel at 5,400 SYP (up from 2,500 GBP), a liter of gasoline at 4,900 SYP (now sold at a cost of 4000 and a card).

Last May, the ministry raised the price of diesel for industrial and commercial events to £2,500 and also raised the price of gasoline (at cost, no subsidies) to £3,500 and later to £4,000.

(The dollar is equivalent to 3,015 pounds, according to the Central Bank’s official bulletin, and its real black market value is over 5,700 pounds.)

Source: RT

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