Syria loses naturalization and a match with Iran in the Asian Basketball Championship.

The Syrian Basketball Federation reported that naturalized American Amir Jabbar Hinton missed the first meeting of the Syrian national team at the Asian Championship against Iran due to a flight delay in his plane.

The Basketball Federation said in a statement via Facebook: “The Syrian Arab Basketball Federation confirms that it has accepted all administrative procedures for the player to join the delegation of the Syrian national team in Indonesia.”

The statement continued: “The federation booked the player for a flight from the United States of America to Indonesia, but the player missed the scheduled flight time.”

Last week, the player was part of the Syrian national team in Aleppo before leaving for the United States.

The Iranian team beat their Syrian counterpart 80-67 in the first round of Group C of the Asian Basketball Cup hosted by Indonesia.

Notably, the Syrian Basketball Association has not set a date for Amir Hinton to join the team that will face Japan next Friday.

Source: alwatanonline

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