Switzerland: we are committed to conflict neutrality and do not provide any military support to either side of the conflict

President of the Swiss Confederation Ignacio Cassis said that his country is committed to its neutral status and will not provide military support to any of the parties involved in the conflicts.

Speaking before the UN General Assembly, Cassis said: “Switzerland is a neutral country. This means that we strictly respect the right to impartiality, enshrined in public international law.”

“We are not involved in conflicts and do not provide any military support to any of the parties to the conflict. Nothing can change or cast doubt on this,” the President stressed.

But Cassis said that neutrality “does not mean indifference” and “lack of solidarity.”

Switzerland, which is not an EU member, has previously supported, despite its neutral status, EU sanctions against Russia.

In March last year, Moscow included Switzerland in the list of foreign countries and territories that commit hostile and unfriendly actions against Russia, its companies and citizens.

Source: TASS

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