Suspension of asylum applications in 12 out of 16 German regions!

Media organization Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland reported that 12 out of 16 German regions are suspending the admission of asylum seekers, including due to the large number of refugees from Ukraine.

Today, on Saturday, the fund quotes a representative of the German Ministry of the Interior: “Due to the large number of arrivals, 12 regions have introduced a ban on the admission (refugees) to the primary distribution system.”

The Representative noted that the increased pressure on the regions is due to what is currently happening in Ukraine and the general situation in the field of migration, especially the increase in the number of arrivals along the Balkan route.

He said that since the beginning of the Russian special operation, more than 980,000 people have arrived in Germany from Ukraine, noting that this number is increasing by about 875 people every day.

Source: TASS

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