Surprise by mistake The European Union announces Rome as a participant in the Super Cup against Real Madrid!

The UEFA European Football Association on Thursday announced the surprise appearance of Roma against Real Madrid in this season’s European Super Cup.

Real Madrid are a key player in this match after winning the Champions League title last May after beating Liverpool 1-0 in the French capital Paris.

It is normal for German club Eintracht Frankfurt to play against Real Madrid as Europa League champions, as they usually do every year, but it was announced that he was replaced by Roma, the Conference League champions last season.

But what came as a surprise was the publication by the European Union of a tweet via its official Twitter account announcing that Real Madrid would play Rome in the Super Cup on August 10 at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in Finland.

The angry comments came from fans in Frankfurt and then this mistake was corrected, the tweet was completely removed and replaced with another tweet showing Real Madrid facing their German counterpart.

New adjustments to European Union competition could mean the emergence of a Conference League champion at the expense of a Champions League winner.

The Super Cup is expected to take place between the winners of the Europa League and the Conference League, and from 2024 another mini-tournament will be held for the Champions League champions and three more teams.

The French newspaper L’Equipe reported that the proposal was approved in May last year during the negotiation of a new Champions League kit.

She explained that the United States is the nearest venue for this tournament, which features 4 of the best teams on the continent.

As for the selection of participating teams, the champions of the Champions League will certainly take part, in addition to the most successful teams in the new version of the tournament, which is held according to the league system.


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