Supercomputer predicts world championship winner "Qatar 2022"

A supercomputer has predicted the identity of the winner of the World Cup final, which will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022 with the participation of 32 teams, including 4 Arab teams.

And the website “sportbible” published a report, the computer predicted that France would win the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which means that it would become the third country in history to retain the world title, after Brazil and Italy.

According to The Analyst website, which sets up a model showing numbers for the percentage of each team that wins a world title, the French team is the expected champion using an algorithm that models the entire tournament and the 2018 World Cup. the champions were rated as the closest candidates for the title with a score of 17.93 percent.

And if the computer is correct in its predictions, France will join Brazil and Italy as the only two countries to have won the title twice in a row, with Brazil in second place and the last world title five times, in 2002. World Cup, and according to the computer, the Selesao national team has a 15.73 percent chance of winning the title.

Spain finished third with 11.53%, followed by England in fourth with 8.03%.

As for the four Arab teams, the computer placed host Qatar in 20th place with a 0.35% chance estimate, and Tunisia and Morocco in 27th and 28th with an equal odds of 0.01%. and then Saudi Arabia in 31st place before last.

Source: agencies

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