Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Highly Anticipated Episode with Increased Difficulty and Exciting Features for Nintendo Switch

A highly anticipated episode

An insider in the world of Nintendo, known as Zippo, has shared some interesting insights about the newly announced Super Mario Bros. Wonder game for the Nintendo Switch. Zippo claims that the game will be quite difficult and even challenges the testers. He warns potential players that they should not expect an easy experience: “If you think this game is going to be a walk in the park, then you are going to have a rude awakening.” This is a departure from the usual accessibility of Nintendo games, as the difficulty level has been intentionally increased this time.

Zippo also reveals that internally, Nintendo referred to the game as “the next Super Mario Bros. 3”. This suggests that the upcoming release holds high expectations within the company.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder was announced on June 21 and is set to be released on October 20. The game has already caught the attention of fans due to its unique art style and careful design. Many players who haven’t played Mario games in 2D for a while are even considering getting this one. After the success of Super Mario Odyssey, this new episode takes the franchise back to its roots in 2D, with a charming cartoon-like aesthetic. It introduces new powers and features to breathe new life into the classic Mario formula, following the legacy of the New Super Mario Bros. series. Additionally, players can enjoy multiplayer mode with up to four characters, including Luigi, Peach, Toad, or Daisy.

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