Super Mario Bros. Breaks Records as Universal’s Most Successful Film in Japan

Super Mario Bros. Becomes Universal’s Most Successful Film in Japan

Born from a collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination/Universal, the Super Mario Bros. movie has achieved remarkable success, surpassing $100 million in the Japanese box office (13.74 billion yen). It has become Universal’s most successful film of all time in Japan, surpassing Top Gun: Maverick and gaining the sixth place in the list of most-loved Hollywood movies of all time.

Record-Breaking Debut and Global Success

The Super Mario Movie had an incredibly successful debut, generating $14.3 million worldwide, making it the best opening for an animated film in Universal’s history. It surpassed Jurassic World Dominion and earned a billion yen in just two days. Its global earnings are currently at $1.35 billion, surpassing the impressive figures of other animated films such as Frozen, which had an international box office of $782.8 million.

Award-Winning Film and Global Acclaim

Super Mario Bros. continues to dominate the film industry by being the most successful film of the year, the best Illumination film, and the best movie based on a video game. It has also topped the charts as the all-time best animated film in fifteen international markets, including France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Legend of Zelda Creators Inspired

The immense success of the Super Mario movie, which has been watched by approximately 170 million people worldwide, has captured the attention of the creators of The Legend of Zelda. They have expressed interest in creating a similar movie, highlighting the movie’s impact and influence in the entertainment industry.

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