Sunak to Call for Immediate Increase in Military Aid to Ukraine at Munich Security Conference

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the Munich Security Conference will demand that Western countries immediately increase military assistance to Ukraine, bringing it to the level of last year in the coming weeks.

“Now is the time to increase our military support,” the head of government said in a statement released by his office. As emphasized, Sunak will urge his colleagues “to balance the level of support provided to Ukraine last year in a matter of weeks, not months.”

“In parallel, we are confident that long-term peace in Ukraine will require the strengthening of international law and the creation of a new basis for the security and stability of this country by increasing the supply of Western weapons to Kiev,” Sunak said. in a statement.

He added: “We must do more to strengthen Ukraine’s long-term security. We must provide them with the advanced NATO-standard capabilities they will need in the future, and we must prove that we will be by their side, ready and able to help them defend their country again and again.”

According to Sunak, what is at stake is not only the security of Ukraine, but also the security of the European continent and the world order, “which for 80 years has ensured peace and security.”

“This is about the security and sovereignty of every country,” Sunak said, pointing out that Russia’s actions “pose a more clear threat to everything,” according to Britain and its allies.

On January 19, it was announced that the new British military assistance package to Ukraine, in addition to a company of 14 Challenger 2 tanks and 30 self-propelled howitzers, would include armored rescue vehicles, minefield clearance equipment, pontoon bridges, and dozens of drones to adjust artillery fire .

“Hundreds of armored and protected vehicles” and 100,000 artillery shells were reportedly sent to Ukraine, in addition to hundreds of missiles, including GMLRS and Starstreak guided missiles, MANPADS, medium-range anti-aircraft missiles, as well as 600 Brimstone. missiles. In addition, Kyiv will receive spare parts and maintenance, which, according to the calculations of the British army, will allow the repair of up to 100 Ukrainian armored vehicles, including tanks.

And on February 8, before a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in London, Sunak said that he had turned to Kyiv with a request to start training marines and combat pilots in service with NATO in the kingdom.

Sunak’s spokesman later clarified that the government had not yet made a decision about deploying the fighter jets to Ukraine, and the issue would be studied from various angles.

Source: TASS

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