Sullivan: US will support Ukraine for as long as it takes

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that US support for Ukraine will continue for as long as necessary and that it is not limited in time.

Sullivan noted during a press conference that the US administration has “imposed some restrictions on the various types of weapons” it provides to Ukraine, but in terms of time limits, the president has “clearly stressed” that support will continue for as long as necessary.

He added that this is how the alliance that supports Ukraine will go.

Responding to a question about the possibility of taking Kyiv under the control of Russian troops, Sullivan said that “the support of the West will allow Ukraine to protect and preserve its capital.”

Sullivan stressed that Washington “will continue to work with the Ukrainian forces and the government of Ukraine on a strategy that will enable them to achieve their goals on the ground and at the negotiating table.”

He added: “As President Biden said at the NATO summit 10 days ago, we will work on this as long as it exists.”

He stressed that Washington is in daily contact with Ukraine “about how to counter the Russian offensive and return some of the territories they have captured,” adding that these discussions take place through military channels and at the political level.

Sullivan expressed his belief that “Russia failed to achieve its strategic goals in Ukraine, as its strategic goal was to control the capital Kyiv, end Ukraine as a state, erase Ukrainian identity, and annex Ukraine to Russia.” .”

Sullivan believed that the Russian leadership “still will not be able to achieve its goals in Ukraine.”

Source: TASS

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