"stupid bag"… Ukrainian fighter dances on the ruins of his victim

Ukrainian fighter Igor Buteria knocked out his Brazilian opponent Mauricio Roa in a duel that brought them together today, Sunday, as part of the UFC 283 mixed martial arts championship.

The Ukrainian fighter was able to defeat his Brazilian opponent in the first round of the fight, which brought them together at the Jeunesse Stadium in Brazilian Rio de Janeiro.

Igor Buteria sparked controversy after defeating Brazilian veteran fighter with a provocative dance, after which he was criticized for insulting mixed martial arts legend Mauricio Roa, who fought the last fight of his professional career.

Canadian fighter Tanner Bowser said: “You have no right to put on such a stupid dance when you defeat such a legend in his last fight. You’re just a stupid bag.”

And Igor Buteria (26 years old) won his twentieth victory in his professional career so far with three defeats.

While Mauricio Roa (41 years old) put an end to his professional career, having suffered his fourteenth defeat with 27 wins and one draw.

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