Strange body near northern line of channel exposed by Putin gets covered with algae by Danish authorities

The Jyllands-Posten newspaper touched on the topic of the “UFO” that the Russian President spoke about near the Nord Stream branch, and noted that there were disagreements about the period of his stay at his location.

On the one hand, some experts, as well as documents to the Danish authorities, confirm that this body was not in the 2019 video. for a long time due to the presence of algae on it.

The newspaper reported: “The strange body found near the Nord Stream gas pipeline is covered in algae and algae. Correspondence between official Danish institutions confirms this. In itself, this may indicate that this body has been in place for a very long time. a lot of time.”

The newspaper pointed out that very little information about this body is known so far.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia offered Denmark to inspect two gas pipelines in search of other explosives, but the answer was vague. The President of Russia noted that when inspecting the line, Gazprom specialists noticed the presence of a “pillar” at a distance of about 30 kilometers from the explosion site. And this column was installed in a very sensitive place – at the junction of pipes. Putin added: “Specialists believe that this could be a receiver for receiving a signal to activate an explosive device that could be placed under the pipe system.”

President Putin believes that several explosive devices could have been planted there, but some exploded, while others did not.

According to the newspaper, a recent telephone conversation took place between the deputy director of the Danish Energy Agency and the general director of Geus, a company that monitors seismic activity in the Danish subsurface. At the same time, the deputy director told his interlocutor that there were no UFOs in 2019, and this proves that it was installed quite recently.

In an interview with the newspaper, Olanschlager Paul, an expert, said that the “UFO” is most likely nothing more than a guided bomb used to detonate old naval mines.

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